Off-Season Training

The Cap City Off-Season Experience

 At Cap City, we believe that the effort our athletes make in the off-season should equal what they put in the rest of the year.  The basketball IQ lessons, skills drills, and conditioning our coaches provide for players prepare them for the on-court challenges they will face during the season.  The inspirational guest speakers, coaches, and community leaders who will also be addressing them during this time will prepare them for the off-court challenges they will face as well.  At Cap City, we believe in a holistic approach to the off-season that touches the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of our athletes.

For the Cap City Off-Season experience, each athlete is invited to try us out for free the first time to see if Cap City is a fit for them.  After that, each athlete will be charged a minimal  fee that covers training, fees for renting gym space, and insurance for our coaches and players.  This is an incredible bargain as any sports family knows, but our organization feels passionate about providing kids with an affordable introductory experience to our program.  Please make checks payable to "Capital City Homeschool Athletics" and bring to the gym on your second visit.