Parent Involvement

More Than a Team...We're a Family.

Someone recently uttered those words in relation to being a part of the Cap City Warriors, and we couldn't agree more.  Spending multiple nights per week together for seven months enables our families to get to know one another very well as we come together not only to support our own children but their teammates as well.  Cap City families regularly enjoy meals and extracurricular activities together functioning as a body of believers should.  Additionally, our families get to deepen our relationships as we serve alongside one another to create a great homeschool athletic program for our kids.

Cap City parents are expected to volunteer in some capacity for their child's team and are given a volunteer form to fill out at the beginning of the season indicating the best place they could use their gifts.  In order to continue to keep our costs low since most of us come from one-income homes, Cap City families are expected to participate in fundraising endeavors as well.